Thank You Reno!

November 10th 2014.
That was the first day I did mornings with Jim McClain on Reno’s Classic Rocker, 105.7 KOZZ. Since then I have had many opportunities to enjoy Reno, Tahoe, Sparks, Carson City and so on. I have met the people of Northern Nevada and have found them unique and awesome in several ways. The mountains and trails beckon me daily as I seek out new peaks to climb and overcome. The rivers, lakes and reservoirs have given me hours of amazing kayaking. So now, many broadcasting hours later and a reinvention of myself on the ESPN affiliate have led to an immeasurable growth. I have learned so much and have had the opportunity to transform quickly. Unfortunately the station’s management found out I had started a broadcasting company and purchased two radio stations in another market. They frown on that. So now I bid a good bye to this city, but only for a short while. I will be back with a new program this summer and we will be back in Reno again.
Biggest Little City you have taken a piece of my heart!
Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Reno!

  1. I had wondered what happened. You were just magically “gone”, and there was no information whatsoever. When I went to pick up a CD I won, the front desk was a little cagey when I asked when you were going to be back on the air.

    As long as you don’t play Rush or complete directly with Jim, I’d be happy to have you as my morning DJ again!

    – S

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