A Girl Who Can Lick Her Own Eye Puts Gene Simmons To Shame

20-year-old Gerkary Bracho Blequett of Ocala, Florida might break the world record for longest tongue. She says her tongue is 4.48 inches long.  The current world record is 3.97 inches, so if the people at the “Guinness Book of World Records” can verify her length, she’ll smash the record by half an inch. And it sure SEEMS like her tongue is that long.  She posted gifs online that show her touching her nose . . . touching her eye . . . touching her earlobe . . . and even licking her ELBOW, which is supposed to be impossible.  Seriously, try it. And by the way, Gerkary says she doesn’t have a boyfriend . . . but don’t try to hit on her by making a suggestive comment about her tongue.

giphy (3) giphy (4)giphy (2)

giphy (1) I don’t like the fact that some men think because I’m posting long tongue pictures they can talk to me in a sexual way.  It makes me uncomfortable and it’s kind of nasty.”

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